Bulk Spools

For high volume users, or for resale in cut lengths, FLEXO™ Flyflex™ is available on convenient 5 5/8" diameter x 2" high minispools designed to fit into our exclusive acrylic dispenser.

The acrylic dispenser tube will hold up to 6 spools and is engineered to either sit on a counter or hang securely from its slatwall hanger. The clear acrylic makes inventory and reordering easy and the wide dispensing slots allow easy access to the material for cutting.

Bulk Spool

Standard Spool Lengths
Diameter Colors Metallics and Pearls
1/8" 225' NA
1/4" 200' 200'
3/8" 125' NA
1/2" 100' 100'

Color 1/8" 1/4" 3/8" 1/2"
Black* FLN0.13BK FLN0.25BK FLN0.38BK FLN0.50BK
White* FLN0.13WH FLN0.25WH FLN0.38WH FLN0.50WH
Silver* NA FLN0.25SV NA FLN0.50SV
Clear* FLN0.13CL FLN0.25CL FLN0.38CL FLN0.50CL
Purple* FLN0.13PP FLN0.25PP FLN0.38PP FLN0.50PP
Neon Pink* FLN0.13NP FLN0.25NP FLN0.38NP FLN0.50NP
Neon Green* FLN0.13NG FLN0.25NG FLN0.38NG FLN0.50NG
Gold* NA FLN0.25GL NA FLN0.50GL
Blue FLN0.13BL FLN0.25BL FLN0.38BL FLN0.50BL
Green FLN0.13GN FLN0.25GN FLN0.38GN FLN0.50GN
Orange FLN0.13OR FLN0.25OR FLN0.38OR FLN0.50OR
Red FLN0.13RD FLN0.25RD FLN0.38RD FLN0.50RD
Yellow FLN0.13YL FLN0.25YL FLN0.38YL FLN0.50YL
Gray FLN0.13GY FLN0.25GY FLN0.38GY FLN0.50GY
Beige FLN0.13BE FLN0.25BE FLN0.38BE FLN0.50BE
Neon Blue FLN0.13NB FLN0.25NB FLN0.38NB FLN0.50NB
Neon Red FLN0.13NR FLN0.25NR FLN0.38NR FLN0.50NR
Neon Yellow FLN0.13NY FLN0.25NY FLN0.38NY FLN0.50NY
Crystal Pearl FLN0.13CP FLN0.25CP FLN0.38CP FLN0.50CP
* Are the most commonly used and recommended colors.